We are highly trained in the field and totally dedicated to client service and successful applications.

We know that what you want from us first and above all else, is to deliver the outcome that you are paying us for.

It's all very well for us to tell you how good and experienced we are and how many other legal and immigration services we provide but if we fail to obtain for you that residence visa, or work visa or "other" visa (when we have advised you that you are eligible for it) then even if our "failure" is blameless, we aren't going to have an ongoing long-term professional relationship with you as a client! 

Remember that our objective is not merely to deliver residence for you and then "move on" to the next file; what we want is to begin by delivering residence in New Zealand for you (or other type of visa you are after) and then, once we've proven ourselves to you and earned your trust, go on to assist you with all the other pre-immigration and post-immigration issues and matters any newly-arrived immigrant will have to deal with.

Moreover, many of our professional services legal fees are based at least in part on a successful outcome. That combined with our desire to have long-term professional relationships with individuals that we have assisted to immigrate to this great country gives us as at least as much motivation to succeed with your application as you have in successfully coming here and starting your new life.

Set out below are some actual approval letters we have recently received from Immigration New Zealand, Immigration & Protection Tribunal and the Associate Minister of Immigration.

Approval Letters:

  • WorkVisa1
  • WorkVisa2
  • AIP Foreign Worker
  • WorkToResidence1
  • WorkToResidence2
  • StudentVisa1
  • StudentVisa2
  • VisitorVisa1
  • VisitorVisa2
  • Investor
  • ApprovalRes1
  • ApprovalRes2
  • IPTApproval1
  • IPTApproval2
  • IPTApproval3
  • IPTApproval4
  • MOIApproval1
  • MOIApproval3
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     Immigration Lawyers


    We frequently receive letters from clients that we have successfully assisted, thanking us and expressing how happy they were with our service and the outcome.

    We place the utmost value on these letters and the positive sentiments expressed in them not only because of the satisfaction we get from knowing we have done the work well, but also because we know that the best and most valuable promotion of our business is the word of mouth/personal referral that a successful client will continue to give us. Every once in a while we receive a letter from a client however that stands out and drives home to us the very real importance of the service we provide and just how much is riding on that service from the immigrant client's perspective. These letters have the effect of essentially placing us directly "in the client's shoes" and reminding us that every one of our "files" is in fact an individual human story involving real motivations, aspirations and dreams. Our mission, as one of our clients has pointed out to us, is to turn those dreams into reality.

    Set out below are some actual letters we have received from clients of the firm. If you wish to verify that the letters are genuine and have not been simply written by someone in our Marketing Department, please let us know and we will take steps to put you in direct contact with the authors themselves.

    New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment       New Zealand Law Society

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