We are highly trained in the field and totally dedicated to client service and successful applications.

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1. Initial Assessment and Discussions of Options Available

We will meet (or communicate via Skype or telephone or email consultation) with you and assess your chances of qualifying for the status which you seek i.e. resident, student, worker, etc. We will also explore with you alternative options available (if any) in the event that the primary option is not available. We will answer specific questions which you may have regarding your desire to obtain a specific status and we will provide you with a written quote of our fees for undertaking any immigration-related work on your behalf. We will provide you with an estimate of the amount of time which would be required for any particular type of application and work out, with you, strategies for best achieving the status in New Zealand you desire. We will explain to you in detail the specific criteria which you will need to comply with in order to achieve the status you require e.g. if you wish to achieve residence status and you are eligible to apply under the Skilled Migrant Category we will explain to you the specific criteria of the Skilled Migrant Category and how points are scored.

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2. Residence Applications

We can give you advice on and prepare for you applications for a residence visa under all categories available under current Government Residence Policy:

  • Work-To-Residence (including Long Term Skill Shortage List and Accredited Employer options)
  • Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur Plus categories
  • Investor Category (Investor and Investor 2)
  • Family Category (including the Parent Tier 1 and parent Retirement Categories)
  • Skilled Migrant Category
  • Business Relocation Category
  • Family Quota Category
  • Special Categories

We can also give you advice on and prepare for you applications for a Long Term Business Visa and Temporary Retirement Categories.

We are experienced at filing residence applications either with an INZ branch office onshore (for clients who are physically present in New Zealand, albeit temporarily) or offshore, through an overseas New Zealand Embassy or High Commission (for clients not physically present in New Zealand). Our advanced international communications systems ensure that our clients overseas receive the same quality of service as our domestic clients.

Through our connections with the ASB Bank, The Canterbury Development Corporation, the Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce and the Canterbury Business Community we are well placed to assist immigrants under the Investor Category and the Entrepreneur Category with placement of investments in this region which will meet immigration investment criteria.

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3. Temporary Visas

We handle all types of temporary visa applications including:

  • Long Term Business visas
  • Temporary Retirement Category
  • Visitor's visas (including guardianship visas and partnership-based visitor visas)
  • Student visas
  • Work visas (short term or long term, including partnership-based open work visas)
  • Limited Purpose visas

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4. Permanent Resident Visas

Our firm offers specialist advice on that most complicated area of Immigration law, the Permanent Resident Visa ("PRV") Policy. There are complex rules relating to the issue of 14 day or one year "travel conditions" and when an application may be made for a permanent resident visa.  We are thoroughly familiar with all of these rules and can provide you with accurate and specific advice on your rights under the "travel conditions" and "permanent resident visa" policies.

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5. Appeals to Immigration & Protection Tribunal

Our firm also regularly undertakes all types of immigration-related appeals to the Immigration & Protection Tribunal, including appeals relating to:

  • Residence (appeals on facts and/or special circumstances)
  • Deportation
  • High Court of New Zealand (judicial review and/or appeals under the Immigration Act).

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6. New Zealand Citizenship

We can advise you on the requirements for obtaining New Zealand citizenship, either by way of a Scheduled Application or alternatively by way of a Submission to the Minister of Internal Affairs. We can prepare and file an application for New Zealand citizenship on your behalf and follow it through to its ultimate conclusion.

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7. Recruitment of Specialist Overseas Employees

Our firm represents several large corporate clients in Canterbury who occasionally need to recruit a specialist overseas employee, with specialised skills, to work (temporarily) in New Zealand. We can assist employers in obtaining an approval in principle from INZ to undertake such recruitment, whether on a one off or more enduring basis.

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8. Notary Public Services

We have a Notary Public who can provide thef ull range of Notarial Services, including: 

  • Authentication of academic and other documents for use overseas
  • Document certification and authentication of identity and signatures
  • Applying to the Department of Internal Affairs for Apostilles and e-apostilles

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9. Web Site/E-mail/Skype

You can contact us by e-mail on pwk@kundigassociates.co.nz or by telephone on ++64 3 3771922.  By prior arrangement we can also provide Skype consultations. Our web site is frequently updated and provides a useful starting point for someone who is interested in immigrating to New Zealand but does not know where to start.

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