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In Person 

If you are in Christchurch then the first step to take to arrange for a consultation with Paulo Kündig or one of our Immigration Law Advocates is to either email or telephone us.  Our office in Christchurch is located at

14 (Unit 15) Acheron Drive

Our office telephone number is (03) 377 1922 and our email address, for arranging for consultations is pwk@kundigassociates.co.nz.

If you are in New Zealand but outside of Christchurch or in another New Zealand city then we can easily arrange for a Skype or telephone consultation/assessment on a mutually agreed upon day and time.  All you need to do, once again, is either telephone us at our office number or email us at pwk@kundigassociates.co.nz and we will make arrangements for the consultation to take place on an agreed upon day and time. Please note that our policy is that we do charge a fee for the initial consultation.  The fee is charged at a specific hourly rate, on the following basis:

.  If the consultation lasts from 1 to 30 minutes, then the minimum fee to be paid is one-half of the hourly rate plus GST (for example you would pay one-half of the hourly rate plus GST even for a 12 minute consultation).  

.  If the consultation lasts 30 minutes or more then you only pay fo the actual amount of time spent in the consultation, on a pro-rata basis, based on the consultation hourly rate plus GST (for example, if the consultation lasts 45 minutes, you only pay three-fourths of the hourly consultation rate plus GST.  

 .  When you contact us to make the booking for a personal consultation we will tell you what the hourly rate is for that initial consultation.  For consultations that are in person payment for the consultation is made at the conclusion of the consultation.  

Skype or Telephone Consultations 

For Skype/telephone consultations we will ask, as a condition of “booking” the Skype/telephone consultation for a particular day and time that you pay one-half of the standard hourly rate in advance so that we can “reserve” the booking for you.  That payment then means that you have pre-paid the first 30 minutes of the Skype/telephone consultation.  If the consultation lasts less than 30 minutes then there is no refund of the prepayment already made and if the consultation lasts for longer than 30 minutes then you only have to pay for the amount of time by which the consultation exceeded the first 30 minutes.  Payments of periods of time in excess of 30 minutes, for Skype/telephone consultations, need to be made by way of credit card at the conclusion of the consultation unless alternative prior arrangements have been made with us.  Please click on the link below to find out the procedure we follow for Domestic Skype/Telephone Consultations. 

Please click here to read the Applicable Rules and Procedures for Domestic Skype/Telephone Consultation memo.

Please click here for the Prospective Immigrant Questionnaire, which should only be completed and sent to us (before the consultation) if you have already booked a Skype/Telephone consultation with us.  

Work to be Done by us After The Initial Personal or Skype/Telephone Consultation 

During our initial consultations, whether in person or via Skype/telephone, if there is a specific job that we have identified needs to be done for you we would then typically give you a “fixed fee” quote of our legal fees to undertake that job for you.  There is no obligation of course to accept our quote and if you do not accept our quote then the only cost that you would have incurred would be the cost for the consultation itself. If you are outside of New Zealand and wish to have a Skype/telephone consultation then certainly that is possible.  Simply go to the “International Consultations” section of our website for instructions on how to arrange for an international consultation.

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