We are able to receive communication from clients in Russian, Portuguese and Korean, as three of our members are fluent speakers of those languages.  By clicking on the relevant link below you will be able to send the relevant person at The Immigration Law Firm an email in one of those three languages.

Please note however that the response sent to you may still be in English, depending on the person that you contact at The Immigration Law Firm.  For example, because of the large volume of emails and other correspondence which Paulo Kündig receives, he dictates all of his emailed responses.  As the person who types his emailed responses is not of course fluent in Portuguese, even though you may have contacted Paulo Kündig in Portuguese the reply you receive from him may very well be in English.  You can however continue to communicate with him in Portuguese even though replies will be sent in English.

For the purposes of Skype or telephone consultations or consultations in person then those consultations can certainly happen in either Portuguese or Russian or Korean (depending on whichever of the three foregoing languages is the one you speak).  Sometimes, if Paulo Kündig is involved with an application involving a Korean client or a Russian client then he will ask either Elena Martynova or Youngrim Munnings, (as required) to “sit in” in the meeting and assist with interpreting/translation duties. 

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