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We have found over the years that by far the most expedient, practical and economical way for us to explain immigration options that might be available to an overseas applicant is by way of an international consultation/assessment (either by Skype or telephone) at a mutually agreed upon day and time, bearing in mind the time difference between the applicant's city and New Zealand.  The international consultation/assessment gives us an opportunity to clearly explain to you the options that might exist for obtaining permanent residence, the rules that apply to any particular realistic option that might be available, the amount of time that will be required, the documents involved, the strategy that we will adopt and of course the cost both in legal fees and Government department fees.  It also gives you an opportunity to ask all of the questions that you need to ask to make sure that you fully understand the option that is being discussed and to therefore make a more well-informed and accurate decision. 

We are generally available to provide international Skype or Telephone Consultations/Assessments at any time between 9.00am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday, New Zealand time, subject only to any prior appointments that we might have already made. Please click on the "International Skype/Telephone Consultations/Assessments Memo" link below to read our standard document which fully outlines the procedure for setting up the international Skype or telephone Consultation/Assessment.  You will see that we charge a fee of NZ$300 per hour for the Consultation/Assessment and that one-half of that fee is payable up front, as a "booking fee" in order to set up the Consultation/Assessment.  The NZ$150 booking fee is paid in advance and pre-pays the first 30 minutes of the Consultation/Assessment.  If the Consultation lasts for more than 30 minutes then you only pay for the actual time that is spent in the Consultation/Assessment over and above the first 30 minutes (at the rate of NZ$300 per hour or, to put it another way, at the rate of NZ$5 per minute).  For example, if the Consultation/Assessment lasts for 48 minutes you have already prepaid the first 30 minutes, so you will only have to pay for an additional 18 minutes, at the rate of NZ$5 per minute.  We are certain that you will find the money spent on the Consultation/Assessment money well spent.  Following the Consultation/ assessment you will have a very clear idea of what your chances are of qualifying, what you would need to do, whether there is more than one option available, the time that it would take to obtain residence, the cost involved, etc.  Please note that if the Consultation/Assessment lasts less than 30 minutes there is no refund of any portion of the NZ$150 booking fee already paid. 

If you are interested in setting up a Skype/telephone Consultation/Assessment please send us an email with your completed Prospective Immigrant Questionnaire (see below) and a list of two or three (New Zealand) days and times during which you might be available for the Skype/telephone Consultation/Assessment, and tell us whether you prefer a Skype or telephone consultation (remember to send us days and times calculated according to New Zealand time, not calculated to your local time).  We will then reply letting you know which of the days that you have selected is most suitable for us.  You will need of course to keep in mind the time difference between your city and New Zealand, when suggesting times to have the Consultation/Assessment. Once a day and time has been agreed we will then send you an invoice for the NZ$150 "booking fee" and once we have received payment the Consultation/ assessment can then take place on the agreed upon day and time.  Payment options are explained in the "International Skype/Telephone Consultations/Assessments Memo" (see below).  Sending your completed Questionnaire to us a few days before the day of the Consultation/Assessment is important because it gives us a chance to consider in advance your facts and circumstances, and what immigration options may be available to you.

International Skype/Telephone Consultations/Assessments Memo (in English)

The Prospective Immigrant Questionnaire 

To assist us to give you a detailed and thorough immigration assessment (via Skype or telephone consultation), please complete the questionnaire in English by clicking HERE and ensure that you have sent it to us at least three days before your scheduled Skype/Telephone Consultation/Assessment. Please do not send us the completed Questionnaire unless you wish to have the Skype or telephone Consultation/Assessment.

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