One of our staff members, Mrs Gail Kündig, is a qualified and registered intermediate school teacher in New Zealand. She has more than 25 years' of work experience as a teacher and she knows the New Zealand educational system exceptionally well. Gail is available to provide specific New Zealand educational consultancy services via Skype or telephone, and in some particular circumstances in person, at our normal Skype/telephone Consultation/Assessment hourly rates. These educational consultation services can be particularly useful for individuals who are planning to come to New Zealand on temporary visas or planning to immigrate to New Zealand as residents and have children between the ages of five all the way up to university age. Gail can provide clear and valuable advice on the New Zealand educational system in general, the different types of schools, the quality of the schools, likely tuition costs, how to get overseas academic records assessed by a New Zealand school, and all subjects relating to education. Gail can also arrange for placement of either domestic or overseas students with New Zealand primary or intermediate or high schools and also in some cases with New Zealand universities.

Gail, through the schools themselves, can also assist with placement of foreign students with New Zealand homestay parents.

We will charge set fees for some of these specific one-off services which you may ask Gail to undertake, within the New Zealand educational context. Our aim is to provide an overseas family who is coming to New Zealand for either a longish temporary stay (for example, where one of the parents has obtained a long term work visa) or alternatively immigrating to New Zealand, with a "full all-around service" where not only do we assist with the entire immigration process but also assist with the educational side of things where there are school-aged children included in the application.

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