We are highly trained in the field and totally dedicated to client service and successful applications.

We have a specialist New Zealand immigration lawyer and Immigration Law Advocates, i.e., qualified and experienced professionals with a lawyer with a degree and advocacy and courtroom experience. Our lawyer is admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand and is a member of and regulated and overseen by the New Zealand Law Society and the Canterbury District Law Society.  We are also members of the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment.

We specialise in New Zealand immigration and citizenship law. We are therefore to a certain extent a "boutique" law firm, that does one principal thing and does it very well.

We don't do immigration to Australia or Canada or the USA; we do New Zealand and New Zealand alone and there is no part of immigration or citizenship law and policy, no matter how minute or obscure, that we aren't aware of and have handled before. In fact, many of our immigration clients are referred to us by other law firms, which offer a more general and diversified range of legal services but who recognise that immigration is in fact a highly specialised and complicated area of the law which should either be handled by someone who knows what they are doing or not at all.

To draw an analogous situation from the world of medicine, we are the "specialist" that your General Practitioner (Doctor) refers you to when the problem is not one of a general nature!

We are intimately familiar with the major New Zealand immigration statutes and regulations, published decisions of the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, the New Zealand Courts and of course Immigration New Zealand's Operational Manual of Immigration Policy, the main record of Government Residence Policy.


We, as experienced advocates, are best able to persuasively argue (if necessary) the interpretation of that policy and to present our client's case or application in the best possible light; if something goes wrong with an application or if an appeal is required to one of the higher immigration tribunals (including an appeal to the Ombudsman's Office) then we have considerable experience in preparing and presenting these appeals. Of course not all of our work is complicated or involves higher tribunals; our "bread and butter" work is in fact the giving of advice about standard applications for permanent residence under all residence categories, preparing and presenting those applications to Immigration New Zealand and ensuring a successful outcome.

We also handle all other types of temporary visa applications, from the very simple to the highly complex.

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